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A. Cafeteria
Excelsior International School is committed to ensure the provision of high quality, healthy and safe food and beverage products and services to the school community. The cafeteria is spacious, and well-ventilated with views of the running track and soccer field as well as the swimming pool. Students have access to comfortable seating areas, sanitary facilities and fresh water supplies.

Besides taking care of students with special dietary requirements, our chefs invest effort and time in menu planning to ensure all food provision has good nutritional balance, and incorporate ethnic and regional food offering.

Click here for more information about cafeteria policies and menu.

B. Clinic
The Clinic, which is managed by an experienced and qualified nurse, plays a critical role in providing clinical, first aid and nursing care to our students.

The facility is designed with segregated consultation and resting areas, which provide privacy for the students. In addition, it is also equipped with adequate clinical equipment and approved medications.

Click here for more information about clinic policies.

Click here for medical and administrative forms.

C. Security
To ensure that the School has a safe environment for students and staff, Excelsior International School puts in place numerous security facilities and features.

They include:

  • CCTV cameras.
  • Security guards who are responsible to safeguard, patrol and monitor theft, violence or other unlawful activities on campus.
  • Security alarm for intruders.
  • Perimeter fences, walls and 'landscaping' that provide sufficient access control, surveillance and territoriality.
  • Fire fighting equipment and alarm.

Click here for more information about security policies.

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