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To be the premier provider of high quality care and education to the International Community.


We are committed to excellence in education by striving to provide each student with opportunities to reach their full potential as lifelong learners in a holistic, challenging and supportive learning environment that will ultimately prepare them to play an active and responsible role as global citizens in a multi-cultural world.

Core Values – "EXCELSIOR"

Empathy Showing understanding and sensitivity while attempting to experience the situation and feelings of others.
EXemplary Conducting oneself in such manner so as to become worthy as a commendable role model.
Compassion Showing sympathy for others who are suffering or stricken by misfortune, and the desire to help them or to improve their situations.
Ethical Conducting oneself in accordance to moral standards and accepted code of conduct.
Loyalty Showing faithfulness and devotion to commitments and obligations.
Sincerity Being earnest, genuine and truthful when dealing with others.
Integrity Demonstrating an honest moral character.
Open-mindedness Having a mind that is receptive to new ideas without imposing prejudice and bias.
Respect Showing consideration for, and refrain from intruding upon others.

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