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News and Events 

Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

In the final week of September Excelsior International School in Johor celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Students enjoyed a 'week-long Chinese riddles' competition, presentations by their peers on various aspects of the festival, student-produced videos and a Mooncake tasting session.

This full week of activities, information sharing and fun challenges based in, and coming from, the Mandarin lessons, ensured that all students were able to become aware of, and celebrate this annual Chinese event.

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Curriculum Information Sessions

Excelsior International school staged the first of their Curriculum Information Sessions for the academic year on Saturday 5th September 2015. At 9.30am, the Head of Primary and Early Years, Mr Tony Blacklock, with assistance from his specialist teachers, gave an overview of the curriculum for Nursery to Grade 5 at Excelsior. Parents and students were then invited to visit the individual homerooms for further presentations specific to each age group. At 11.00am the Head of Secondary and High School, Mr Ian Stanley gave a presentation regarding the curriculum and the study strands all the way through Grades 6 to 12. After a short genera question-and-answer session, students and parents then had the opportunity to meet with individual subject teachers.

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The I-Quiz

Excelsior International School hosted 48 teams for the Johor State round of the Rotary International Interactors I-Quiz on Saturday 22nd August 2015. This is a general knowledge and 'knowledge of Malaysia' quiz for students aged from 12 to 18 Years and leads onto national and international finals. A crowd of over 300 participants and supporters enjoyed a wonderful morning of friendly competition.

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Academic Year 2015-16 [...]

On 15th August students and parents packed the auditorium at the Excelsior International for an Orientation/Information session prior to the school beginning on Monday 17th August.

Following a welcome/welcome back from School Principal, Mr Julian Leah, the Chairman of Excelsior, Mr Ng Boon Yew, presented a review of the previous year and outlined the developments put in place and the plans for the forthcoming academic year.

Following the welcome back to returning teachers and the introduction of the new teachers, students and parents were then able to visit the homerooms and classrooms to find out more from the teachers about the exciting year ahead!

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1st Early Years & Primary School [...]

Excelsior International School was delighted to hold its first Curriculum meeting of the school year 2014/15 for Primary and Early Years parents. This was an opportunity for parents to learn more about the different curricula taught at Excelsior, and to discuss with the homeroom teachers the learning activities planned for the children for the coming academic year. Parents were also able to find out more about how they can best support their children's learning at home.

The meeting was extremely well attended and we thank all those parents who participated.

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CPR and basic First Aid

The Grade 6 to Grade 9 students at Excelsior International School are currently working on 'healthy living' as part of the personal development of students within the holistic program of study at the school. To support these students in their understanding and progression, the school healthcare professional, Ms. Tammy, provided sessions on basic CPR and bandaging for cuts, sprains and broken limbs training. The sessions were very well received and all the students participated with enthusiasm and gained valuable knowledge. Hopefully the students will never need to use their training, but, should they be called upon to do so, they can approach the situation with increased confidence and expertise. EIS - preparing students for possible eventualities.

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