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Admissions Open for Academic Year 2020-21 

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Raffles Campus Foundation Limited, registered under the Singapore Companies Act, is a non-profit Singapore-based organisation which has been established with the objectives of promoting Education, Human Resource Development, Social Welfare and encouraging Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism.

The Foundation aims to play a role in value-adding to the students' lives, and aspire them to continually expand their frontiers of learning, and develop holistically with an integrated pathway of education and growth. In-line with the objectives, the Foundation awards a stipulated number of scholarships to eligible applying Excelsior International School students each academic year.

The scholarships are open to all full-time Excelsior students, regardless of citizenship or nationality. Applicants must exhibit excellent achievements in both academic and non-academic arenas to qualify for the award.

Coverage of Scholarship

The awarded scholarship will cover the Registration Fee (for newly enrolled students), Enrolment Fee (for newly enrolled students), Re-Enrolment Fee (for returning students) and Tuition fees for the applicable academic year. Other expenses relating to transportation, meal, stationery and resources, as well as extra-curricular activities are not included.

This page will be updated at the appropriate times when the scholarships are open for application. Advance application (or pre-booking) for the scholarships before they are open for application will not be accepted. Please feel free to refer back to this page if you or your child/children are interested to apply for our scholarships.

Click HERE to view our Scholarship Process Flowchart.

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