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Admissions Open for Academic Year 2020-21 

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  1. Applicants applying for enrolment into Excelsior International School will be required to undergo an Admission Assessment, which is appropriate for the grade level that he or she has applied for.
  2. Excelsior International School ensures that the assessment or evaluation methods used are reliable and viable, and provides an accurate indication of the potential that the applicant is able to complete the chosen course of study successfully.
  3. In the event where there are insufficient space available for admissions, applicants of multiple births who are applying for admission will be given priority in the alphabetical order of the applicant's first name. In addition, Excelsior International School accords priority in admissions for children whose parents are employees of Raffles Campus Group, as well as siblings who have already enrolled in the School.
  4. Excelsior International School does not discriminate applicants on the basis of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins. Each applicant will be judged on the basis of qualifications gained, and/or the suitability to undertake the course of study.
  5. Excelsior International School recognises the value of a diverse student body, and that each applicant can bring value and contributes to the student community.
  6. Excelsior International School distributes students into the various classes, based on mixed nationalities and fair male-female ratio, as far as possible.
  7. Excelsior International School reserves the right to refuse admissions of applicants who do not meet the entry requirements, or who are deemed unfit or improper to be a member of the School.
  8. Excelsior International School reserves the right to refuse admissions of applicants with special needs, on the basis that the School's resources and teaching methodologies are not able to support focused caring and educating of the children.
  9. Excelsior International School reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding the applicant's admission or enrolment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information.

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