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Admissions Open for Academic Year 2020-21 

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  1. The instructional programmes are designed and delivered, based on the assumption that the students attend School regularly.
  2. Any absence from the School is undesirable as it disrupts the learning of the students.
  3. Students should only be absent from School due to genuine and extenuating reasons, such as illness, family or personal emergencies.
  4. In the event that an absence has not been authorised by the School, the student will not have any individualised contingency work arranged, and no special considerations will be accorded for late or missed assignments.
  5. No student will be released to persons unknown to the School without specific, written permission from the parent, and without identification on the part of the person collecting the student.
  6. Absence on testing or examination days is only excused for a medical reason sanctioned with a medical certificate. Without the certificate, the student will receive a zero mark for the exam or test.
  7. Students are responsible for making up all missed work, regardless if the absence was excused.

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