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  • The primary objective of the Library is to:
  • Support the teaching of Excelsior International School's curriculum by providing resources in a variety of media for employees and students across all subject areas.
  • Provide resources for recreational reading and attempt to foster a love for reading for pleasure.
  • Be a focal point for the teaching of information skills and to support independent study.
  • Maintain a quiet and attractive environment for study.
  • Advise on and monitor the use of ICT in the Library context.
  • Provide opportunity for students to have equal access to resources for their educational needs.
  • Be a central and vital part of school life and to provide students with opportunities for service.

Key Policies

A. Library Bill of Rights

  • To provide materials that will enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities and maturity levels of the students served.
  • To provide materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literacy appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards.
  • To provide materials representative of many religious, ethnics and cultural groups and their contributions to our heritage.
  • To place principles above personal opinions, as well as reasons above prejudices in the selection of materials of the highest quality, in order to assure a comprehensive collection appropriate to the users of the Library.

B. Information Literacy Policy

  • Aim to engage all educators to contribute towards Excelsior International School's literacy and ensure the continuous structured development and evaluation of reading and information literacy skills across the School, within a contextualized learning approach.
  • Work towards promoting an understanding of the aims, needs and educational significance of library resource service and teacher librarianship.

C. Use of library facility

  • Seek to provide all users with a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment that promotes free intellectual exploration, research and learning.
  • Users are expected to respect the rights of other users to use resources and facilities in a quiet, clean and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Users must not engage in disruptive activity, or other behaviour that interferes with the normal use and operation of the Library.
  • Users are expected to respect and care for all library materials, equipment and property and may not remove such items from the Library without proper checkout or authorization.
  • Any individual who shall wilfully, maliciously, or wantonly mutilate, deface, tear, write upon, mar, or injure any library materials may be subjected to loss of library privileges, disciplinary actions or even expulsion from the School.

D. Borrowing privileges

  • Based on the established privilege level, each individual may have varying loan regulations and sanctions (such as loan cap, loan period etc).
  • To ensure that access to library material is fairly distributed, the Library establishes due dates for borrowed materials and administers a system of fines and fees, as approved by the Teacher-Librarian and Principal.

E. Copyright Law and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

  • The international and local copyright laws, as well as IP rights govern the making of reproductions of copyrighted material, including photocopying, printing and downloading.
  • Individual, who uses such a reproduction for purposes in excess of 'fair use', may be liable for copyright infringement.


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